Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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1.4 Million Tourists Visit Maldives, Russians Tops The Chart

The Ministry of Tourism has released recent figures indicating a robust influx of tourists in 2023. Until May 11, the Maldives welcomed approximately 1.4 million visitors, marking a significant 13.7% growth compared to the same timeframe in the previous year.
Russians top the chart as the most frequent visitors this year, with a count of 1,62,441. Not far behind, China claims the second spot, with 1,54,927 tourists. It's worth noting that, prior to the pandemic in October 2019, Chinese tourists led in terms of arrivals.
The Maldives continues to expand its tourism infrastructure to cater to the rising demand. Currently, the island nation boasts 1,271 active tourist destinations. This impressive figure breaks down to 177 resorts, 919 guesthouses, 162 safaris, and 14 hotels.
These establishments collectively provide a staggering 63,160 beds, ensuring that the country is well-equipped to accommodate the growing number of global visitors.