Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Taekwondo in The Maldives: Adnan Kinan's Vision

Adnan Kinan's journey began at the tender age of 4 in Morocco. Fast forward to the present day, and he stands tall, not merely as an accomplished Taekwondo practitioner with numerous national accolades to his name, but also as a revered instructor, imparting his wisdom and skills to the future generation in a place far from home — The Maldives.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that dates back to ancient times but was modernized and systematized in the 1940s and 50s. Famed for its high and fast kicks, it is a sport that emphasizes self-discipline, respect, and integrity, making it more than just a martial art, but a philosophy of life.
Now, with the tide of sports evolving in the Maldives, Taekwondo's popularity has spiked, especially in the last five years. At the heart of this rising wave is Kinan, who began teaching at the young age of 17 and has undergone rigorous training himself to refine his skills.
After an impressive tenure at the Moroccan Taekwondo Union, Kinan moved to the Maldives in 2021. Now he fills the dojang (training hall) at the Sharks Martial Arts Academy and the Taekwondo Federation of the Maldives with an air of discipline and determination.
Kinan's training has already borne fruit, with twelve Maldivian athletes achieving the much-coveted black belt under his tutelage. His vision is ambitious yet sincere, "My aim is to create a Taekwondo champion from the Maldives. That can be done. There are many skilled players here," he notes confidently.

His dojang is a thriving hub of energy and enthusiasm, attracting individuals across age groups, from as young as 4 to the elderly. The sport has also become a bonding exercise for families, "Sometimes when kids take part in my training, parents also develop interest in it and then they join the class," Kinan shared, highlighting the growing appeal of the sport among parents.

For Kinan, the journey has just begun. He envisions Taekwondo transcending the realm of recreational sport to becoming a national level discipline. The disparity between the 1000 Taekwondo clubs in Morocco and the single academy in the Maldives is stark, but Kinan believes change is on the horizon.

Training centers are already operational in Male and Addu City, and a new one is soon to open its doors in Fuvahmulah. According to Kinan, the Maldivian community is immensely skilled, and if those talents are nurtured, a bright future for Maldivians in Taekwondo awaits. His optimism brims over, as he remarks, "With their skills, there is the possibility to gain historic wins."

In the hands of individuals like Kinan, the roots of Taekwondo are spreading deep and wide into the Maldivian soil, promising a flourishing future of the sport in this tropical paradise. The dream of a Maldivian champion rising in the Taekwondo world stage isn't far off. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there's a way. And with Kinan's will, there's more than just a way, there's a wave — a wave of Taekwondo.