Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Taxi Driver Qasim

Maldives criminal court sentences man to death for murder of taxi driver

The criminal court has sentenced Adhuham Mohamed of Hinnavaru to death for stabbing taxi driver Qasim Hasan to death. The incident occurred when Qasim was driving Adhuham to Hulhumale' in his taxi. Adhuham tried to rob Qasim and then stabbed him with a 7-inch knife.
Adhuham was found guilty of killing Qasim using a sharp object, and he confessed to the crime. During today's hearing, Qasim's heirs were present to explain the punishment to be imposed on Adhuham. They requested that Adhuham be sentenced to death, and the criminal court granted their request.
Adhuham apologized to Qasim's heirs during the hearing and claimed that the killing was not intentional. However, Judge Ali Nadeem noted that Adhuham's use of a sharp weapon and his attack on the car could lead to the possibility that he had intended to kill Qasim.
The judgment also stated that Qasim had fled the car after the attack and hidden the knife and hat he was wearing at the time, which indicated that his intention was to commit murder.