Monday 17th Jun 2024
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20 Political Appointees at Maldives Ministry of Health Paid MVR 7.4 Million Annually

The Maldives Journal has obtained information that politicians appointed to the Ministry of Health are receiving salaries of more than MVR 600,000 per month. In response to a right to information request submitted by the Maldives Journal, the Ministry provided a written reply confirming that there are currently 20 political employees at the Ministry, including the minister. These employees are collectively paid MVR 619,500 per month, which amounts to MVR 7.4 million per annum.
The political staff members at the Ministry of Health consist of a Communication Director, 10 Senior Executive Directors, 3 Deputy Ministers, 4 Ministers of State, and 1 Personal Assistant to the Minister. It is worth noting that some of these political staff members were appointed to the ministry ahead of the party's chairperson elections and the presidential primaries.

Furthermore, in February of this year, a person was appointed to the position of Senior Executive Director, which was created after the finance ministry issued a circular to establish unnecessary posts.

The number of political appointees under President Ibrahim's administration has now reached close to 2,000, which is the highest number of political appointees in the country's history.