Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Arabiya School Implements Education Ministry's Directive Against Niqabs, Triggers Islamophobic Backlash

In a move that has sparked controversy, the Arabiya School in the Maldives has begun implementing the Education Ministry's directive to stop students from wearing face veils or niqabs. The school has been meeting with parents and children to inform them of the new rule, which has been enforced in line with the school's uniform code.
Although face veils were allowed in the past for those who chose to wear them, the Education Ministry requested the Arabiya School to direct parents and students to follow the current uniform code without any changes. However, this decision has not gone down well with many who have criticized it as Islamophobic.
The Maldives is a 100 percent Muslim country, and the government has been accused of implementing Islamophobic policies in the past. Senior government officials have also been accused of holding Islamophobic views. This latest move by the Education Ministry has only fueled these concerns.

In contrast, secular educational institutions in the West have become more tolerant of the veil and face veil. Oxford University, for example, recently enrolled a student wearing a face veil, reflecting the growing acceptance of diverse cultural and religious practices.

The decision by Arabiya School to enforce the uniform code has sparked a debate on Islamophobia and the government's stance towards religious practices in the country. While some argue that the school is simply enforcing its rules, others believe that this is an attempt to suppress Islamic practices in the Maldives.