Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Kandima collaborates with international artists to celebrate World Art Day in the Maldives

Intimate celebration of art in paradise? Kandima, the ultimate lifestyle resort in the Maldives, is celebrating World Art Day (15th April 2023) in the coolest way possible. The resort has collaborated with two international artists, Angelo Milano and Momo, to create a stunning mural masterpiece at the fun and stylish Breeze Pool Bar.
Angelo Milano, a trendsetting Italian artist and one of the pioneers of the Street Art movement, and Momo, who has worked with international brands such as Pepsi and NFL, came together to create their first-ever Maldivian mural in February 2023. The artists were inspired to paint in paradise while experiencing the Maldives and the Indian Ocean. Their creativity was unleashed at the Breeze Pool Bar, where guests can unwind poolside with daily live entertainment and stunning views of the turquoise ocean waters.
For these artists, exploring and travelling are their greatest inspirations. They love painting in open spaces, spontaneously, and not being confined to their studio. They have created murals all across the world, and the idea behind their mural at Kandima was based on pure inspiration, coupled with what the Kandima brand stands for, and visualizing the space provided.

Kandima, the ultimate lifestyle resort in the Maldives, believes that supporting art is crucial. The Kandima KULA Art initiative is one of the biggest CSR projects and a way to support local artists and communities. With the display of artworks made by Maldivian artists and the resort's local resident artist, the KULA Art Studio is the epicenter of Kandima's art scene. The KULA Art Fund is also an important element that allows Kandima to take its initiatives to new heights.

For every guest staying at the lifestyle resort, 1 US$ is credited to the fund, and for each artwork sold from the KULA Art Studio, 30% of the cost is donated to the funds. These are then used to support local community initiatives dedicated to education, arts, and music. Kandima believes in giving back to their community and preserving the rich Maldivian culture with meaningful contributions.

Every year, art in all its forms is celebrated on a large scale with the KULA Art Festival showcasing the local artists and entrepreneurs' talents. The festival is filled with exciting activities that end with the famed Kula color run.

At Kandima, guests can enjoy the peace and serenity of the KULA Art Studio, set on the edge of the inland lake, and take part in group or private art classes. Kandima's KULA Art initiative is a way to support the local community and preserve the rich Maldivian culture.