Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Bank of Maldives

Bank of Maldives Promotes Gender Equality in Tech with Coding and Engineering Program for Girls

Bank of Maldives (BML) has announced plans to conduct a coding and engineering program in partnership with ForLoop Coding Academy to promote gender equality in the field of innovation and technology. The program will be offered to 30 girls between the ages of 12 to 14 years as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations.
The month-long program will focus on content such as game development with Visual Blocks, developing apps using Python, and building Bluetooth controlled robots. Students from selected schools in Male' will be invited to take part in the program, which is aimed at encouraging young girls to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.
The International Women’s Day 2023 theme, "Developing Necessary Skills for Women to Engage in Digital Spaces," emphasizes the importance of promoting digital literacy and skills development for women. The BML coding and engineering program is aligned with this year's theme, which highlights the need to boost knowledge and expose the younger generation to the world of tech.

The program is part of Bank of Maldives' efforts to promote gender equality and provide opportunities for girls and women to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

The coding and engineering program by BML is a positive step towards promoting gender equality and empowering girls to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. The program will equip the girls with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in digital spaces and pursue careers in tech, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.