Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Aged Care Maldives and Atmosphere Foundation Dedicated to Enhancing Lives of Seniors

In a continued effort to enhance the lives of seniors and their families, Aged Care Maldives and the Atmosphere Foundation have joined forces to provide support for four outreach programs. The programs aim to address both physical and emotional challenges associated with aging, promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging regular exercise and facilitating early detection of common health issues faced by seniors.
The first outreach program was conducted in Ha. Uligam in December 2022 and received an overwhelming response from the island community. The program focused on empowering communities to make healthy choices and be more active, providing information on caring for homebound and bedridden elderly individuals, and raising awareness of elderly-related issues among community councils and island residents.
Recently, the Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts supported an outreach program on healthy aging in the island of Makunudhoo in the northern Haa Dhaal Atoll. The program was organized by Aged Care Maldives in collaboration with Makunudhoo Council and Health Centre and was conducted from February 7-9. A team from EyeCare Maldives and Hulhumalé Hospital participated in the program, providing essential services and resources to the island's elderly population.
The Aged Care Maldives and Atmosphere Foundation are committed to improving the lives of seniors and promoting a healthy aging experience for all. The two organizations believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect, regardless of their age, and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of seniors in the Maldives.
The Atmosphere Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization registered in the Maldives with the vision of 'Enabling Tomorrow'. The foundation is dedicated to giving back to local communities and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.