Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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India's Maharashtra Government Claims Maldives Capital as Indian Island

In a recent tweet, the official twitter account of Maharashtra Information Center, run by the Government of Maharashtra, shared a picture of Maldivian capital Male' and claimed it to be Salsette Island of India. Salsette Island is an island on India's west coast.
It is unclear whether the mistake was intentional or not, but the government of Maldives has remained silent on the matter. The tweet is still visible and the Maharashtra Information Center has not removed it.

The tweet has sparked outrage among the public, particularly in the Maldives, where the perception of India is already negative due to the increasing presence of Indian military in the country and alleged interference in domestic affairs.

This incident has further strained the relationship between the two countries and has raised questions about the accuracy and credibility of information being shared by government-run organizations.