Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Indian FM Jaishankar

Indian Foreign Minister's donation of books to Maldives school draws criticism, raises questions on understanding of the country

Indian Foreign Minister Dr. Jaishankar recently donated alphabet learning books to a pre-school on the island of Noonu Manadhoo in the Maldives.
In a tweet, he stated that the books will help the schoolchildren connect with the world. However, the donation has been met with criticism and ridicule from some Maldivians who say it shows India doesn't understand Maldives.
Many Maldivians point out that the Maldives has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world and most schools in the country already use technology such as tablets, smart TVs, and smart boards in their teaching methods. They argue that the donation of books is out of touch with reality and shows a lack of understanding of the Maldives' current educational situation.
In contrast, India is a country where more than 60% of schoolchildren do not have access to the internet. Critics argue that it would have been more beneficial for India to focus on improving access to technology for its own citizens before donating books to the Maldives.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the matter, but the donation and the criticism it has received highlights the complex relationship between the two countries and the need for better understanding and communication between them.