Monday 17th Jun 2024
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Maldives Police Use Force to Disrupt Protest Demanding Freedom for President Yameen

On Wednesday, a peaceful protest by supporters of the opposition party, the People's Progressive Movement (PPM), was disrupted by the Maldives Police. The protesters were calling for the release of President Yameen, who is currently imprisoned, outside the party's office.
More than two dozen police officers in riot gear arrived at the scene and barricaded the area, blocking the road for both vehicles and pedestrians. The police arrested around 11 people.

According to sources, the police were acting on the direct orders of President Solih. This marks a shift in the president's approach to protests, as he has recently been using more force against protestors. The opposition has been protesting since the criminal court sentenced former president Yameen to prison.

Opposition leaders have vowed to continue the protests until President Yameen is released. The situation remains tense as the opposition and the government continue to clash over the issue.