Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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Cross Roads Maldives

Cross Roads Maldives launches new ticketing lounge

Crossroads Maldives has launched a new ticket lounge in association with Male' Art Gallery.
Tolga Unan, managing director of the resort, said that the ticket lounge opened at the Male' Art Gallery on Boduthakurufaanu Road is designed to provide tourists coming to Crossroads with an experience that they cannot forget.
Speaking at the event, Tolga noted that the newly opened ticket lounge would not only provide a wider audience for the artists living in the Maldives, but would also be a special experience for tourists coming to buy tickets. Tolga said the Male' Art Gallery can portray paintings more beautifully than the National Art Gallery, which used to keep the work of artisans in the past.
As part of the 'Artist in Residence' programme organised by Crossroads Maldives and Male' Art Gallery, the lounge will give tourists an opportunity to learn the art of painting from art experts. According to the resort, various art classes will be organised at The Marina in the future.
Crossroads is a multi-island fully integrated resort in the Maldives. Crossroads is located just 15 minutes by speedboat from Male'.