Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Mariya Didi

Mariya’s personal use of coast guard vessels reported to ACC

The issue of Minister of Defence Mariya Didi misusing the coast guard vessels for personal use has been reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
According to the complaint submitted by a private citizen at ACC, Mariya was using Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) property for personal gain. They mentioned that Mariya Didi had used the coast guard vessels for trips with her family.
Recently, a video showing Mariya and spouse, Aamir’s reenactment of the famous scene from the “Titanic”, the movie, where Leonardo DiCaprio and kate Winslet stood at the bow of the boat, on a coast guard vessel went viral and received heavy backlash from online spectators.
Commenters tore down on the minister, calling her out on her misuse of public property for personal gain. One person called her use of the vessels as being dishonorable towards public assets.
In response to questions regarding the purpose and cost of the trip; fuel and other expenses of the trip from the video, Minister Mariya Didi denied misusing public property.
When questioned about the official status of the trip in question, whether it had been an official MNDF operation, MNDF stated that the details of the ministerial trips must be acquired from the Defense Ministry.
During MDP’s opposition, they raged against the former President, President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom, family and close relations for their use of state property for their personal use. However, MDP has misused state assets the way no other administration had before them.