Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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China Maldives relations

Maldives rejects invite to China-Indian Ocean Forum, Indian influence suspected!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the Government of Maldives did not participate in the China-Indian Ocean Forum on Development Cooperation, held on 21 November 2022.
In a statement released by the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the ministry clarified that despite China’s invitation, the Maldives had communicated its decision not to participate in the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the Maldives on 15 November 2022.
The forum was attended by Former President of the Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan.
The ministry stated that participation by individuals or groups of individuals from the Maldives, does not constitute official representation by the Maldivian government.
“In accordance with the Article 115 (J) of the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives, only the serving President may determine, conduct and oversee the foreign policy of the country, and conduct political relations with foreign nations and international organizations.”, the statement read.
The foreign ministry noted that official accreditations to meetings, forums and conferences to represent the Maldives will be conducted through diplomatic channels and therefore, the afore-mentioned forum had no official representation from the government.
TMJ learned through reliable sources that the Maldives rejected the invitation due to absence of India’s permission to participate in the forum. Decisions concerning the diplomatic affairs of the Maldives are mostly made in collaboration or on the advice of the Indian Government.
Recently, while various world leaders offered their condolences to the PrimeMinister of Pakistan following a terrorist attack, the government of Maldives refused to acknowledge the fatal incident altogether.
Indian influence has dictated multiple aspects of the governing policies harbored by the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. Furthermore, countless numbers of Indian military personnel are active in the Maldives.