Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Prosecutor General's Office

Suspects to be remanded for three months without prosecution

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the fourth Amendment bill to the Criminal Procedure Act of 2016, revising the duration allowed to the Prosecutor General’s Office to file charges against suspects in felony cases.
Capital crimes include murder, rape, sexual abuse of minors, money-laundering, humantrafficking, drugtrafficking, violent bodily harm and terrorism.
Prior to the ratified amendment, investigation must be concluded within 30 days of initial remand at court for suspects in custody pending trial, and sent to PGO to file necessary charges. And the time in custody can be extended, by the court on request of the PGO, for up to 45 days in case of potential felony charges.
In the gazetted Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act, suspects can be held in custody for 45 days to investigate a case, pending trial. And while the amendment reviewed the investigation extension period to 60 days, to be extended by 15 days each time.
Therefore, the new amendment allows suspects to be remanded for about three months without PGO filing charges against them.