Monday 24th Jun 2024
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Maldives Police Service

Police releases Indian man who attempted to sexually abuse minor!

Maldives Police Service has released an Indian man who attempted to sexually abuse a 12-year-old girl by breaking into a house in a Southern Atoll.
The family of the traumatized child told TMJ about the police releasing the man after the public had caught him and failed him in his attempt to sexually abuse the minor.
When questioned about it, the police stated that a case of attempted rape on a minor aged 12 was reported to the police from the South region (Gaafu Alif, Gaafu Dhaalu, Gnaviyani and Seenu Atoll). However, police stated that no one has been arrested in the case.
Although the family of the victim had asserted that the perpetrator was handed over to the police, it remains unclear why the police have not made an official arrest of the Indian man.
While the occupation and whereabouts of the man remains unknown, many cases of Indian teachers abusing their students and spreading religious propaganda amongst their young learners has become quite common in the Maldivian society.
People have expressed concerns over the fact that perpetrators of such crimes have been allowed to leave the country without any repercussions or consequences for their actions.