Monday 5th Dec 2022
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Months since last Cochin Ferry, Govt says ferry being replaced

Months have passed since the last cargo ferry arrived from India’s Cochin to Maldives and the government has said that they are attempting to find a replacement to the cargo ferry used to travel between India and Maldives.
Speaking at a news conference held at the President’s Office yesterday, Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that according to the latest update relating to the Cochin ferry, finding a replacement ferry is in progress.
Kulhudhuffushi Port told TMJ that the last cargo ferry from Cochin was received at the Kulhudhuffushi Port on April 8, 2022.
While months have passed without cargo ferries between India and Maldives, the government assured that introduction of the cargo transport system will positively affect the economy of both countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also believed the cargo ferry to mutually benefit the countries’ economies.
Modi said that cargo ferries will grow businesses and result in economic growth for Maldives and India as well as strengthen the bonds between the two countries.
Cochin ferry was highly promoted and marketed by the ruling MDP coalition during its launch days. MDP parliament members boasted that the ferry will carry coconuts, cowry, palm leaves and salted fish to India.