Monday 15th Apr 2024
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Indian man defecates onIslamic Centre grounds

An Indian national has defecated on the grounds of the Islamic Center, one of the biggest mosques in Male’.
The man carried out the grim act around 10 pm on Friday night.
Maldives Police said that they have arrested a 40-year-old man in relation to such an incident.
Lately, disdainful acts towards mosques and Islam have become recurrent. In another such case, when a local was found to have relieved himself in the halls of another mosque, he was arrested and let go without further consequence.
Perpetrators of such insolent acts are often dubbed as mentally-unfit and released back into the society without proper intervention or any repercussions for their behavior, for which the public has scrutinized the law enforcement bodies in the Maldives.
Furthermore, Indian nationals have enacted repeated efforts of islamophobia without proper exemplary punishment.
Just recently, an Indian man found to have cursed and berated Allah and His Messenger on the streets of Male’ while clearly intoxicated was deported instead of being charged.