Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Sinamale' Bridge

EPA releases photos of damage to Vilimale’ Reef during bridge survey

Environment Protection Agency has released four photos showing the damage caused to Vilimale’ reef during the construction of ThilaMale bridge.
The bridge construction project was contracted to an Indian construction company, AFCONS.
News of the bridge platform being accidentally wedged within the reef surfaced on the 16th of last month. The incident resulted in four extremely large holes bring me in the red structure and one of the holes seemed to be as big as the diver himself.
AFCONS had stated that the incident occurred due to strong tidal currents when a platform used for surveying and making boreholes to build pillars got stuck in the reef while securing it to the ocean floor. The company also stated that three of its employees on the platform suffered minor injuries during the incident.
The platform was removed after 11 days of public outage and the EPA moved to inspect the damages a week later. EPA blamed the metal pieces discarded within the area.
Upon previously speaking to the EPA, TMJ was told that necessary action against AFCONS once the investigation is closed.