Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Fenaka MD Saeed Celebrates Pres. Solih’s Flattery with a Feast

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih praised Fenaka Corporation Managing Director Ahmed Saeed by saying that he is the most productive Managing Director amongst all state owned corporations. Fenaka MD celebrated the president’s compliments by throwing a feast.
During his trip to Meemu Atoll, while speaking at a ceremony held to inaugurate a newly constructed powerhouse by Fenaka, President Solih said that Fenaka has had a major role in all developmental projects conducted by the government and he regards MD Saeed to be the most capable Managing Director amongst the state-owned companies.
Following the president’s speech, Fenaka Vaadhoo branch hosted a feast on the night of September first. The feast was held at the local MDP headquarters on the island.
A message forwarded by Fenaka Vaadhoo Branch, island-wide, invited everyone to a feast celebrating the “honor and good name” brought on to the branch and island upon Fenaka MD being named as the most productive leader amongst state-owned corporations. MD Saeed is from the island of Vaadhoo.
Despite the flattering words, Fenaka has been in the middle of multiple corruption scandals and the president seems to have completely overlooked these allegations. Moreover, Fenaka is known to have held payments from their service providers and many suppliers have long stopped supplying goods to the corporation as well.
The government has been using Fenaka to gain favor with the people as a campaign tactic for the coming election. Employment at Fenaka was offered during the Komandoo constituency bi-election as well as during MDP internal elections.