Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Maldivian says flights to Russia in its future

Deputy Managing Director of Maldivian, Aishath Jeniffer says that the national airline will operate flights from the Maldives to Russia in its eventual future.
While answering a question during a Q&A session held during the National Hotels and Guest House Association of Maldives General Meeting, yesterday, Jeniffer said that Maldivian has ongoing efforts to add long-range aircrafts to its fleet and if all goes well, come January the airline will have great news for the general public. Jeniffer also said that aircraft selection and discussions are currently in progress.
“By Allah’s Grace, then, you will be able to go to Russia and a multitude of other destinations on Maldivian flights,” Jennifer said yesterday.
At present, India and Sri Lanka are the only destinations Maldivian flies to. Even though they had flown to China before, those flights have now been discontinued. Although Maldivian had previously said that the flights to China were discontinued due to Covid-19, flights to the destination ceased prior to the pandemic.
While Maldivian has shared their plans to fly to Russia, domestic flights by Maldivian are often delayed by many hours.