Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Decline in the number of tourists to the Maldives

Tourists received in August have seen a significant decline.
According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism, only 131,863 tourists arrives in the Maldives last month, which is an 8.3 percent decrease from the arrivals in August of last year, when 143,599 tourists visited the Maldives.
Although the number of arrivals in August was less than any other month this year, the Tourism Ministry’s statistics reveal that the total number of tourist arrivals within the year has increased.
The number of tourist arrivals this year:
⁃ January: 131،764
⁃ February : 149،008
⁃ March : 150,748
⁃ April : 145,280
⁃ May : 125,522
⁃ June : 110,889
⁃ July : 133,561
⁃ August : 131,863
A total of 1,078,635 tourists have visited the Maldives this year, whereas, this time last year, only 755,966 tourists arrived in the country. This is an overall increase of 42.7 percent in tourism.