Monday 15th Apr 2024
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President Maumoon

Defense admits to the presence of Indian military, Yet Pres. Maumoom remains uncertain

Even though the Ministry of Defense has previously acknowledged the presence of the Indian Military within the Maldivian borders, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has stated that he remains uncertain about the truth of it.
While speaking on VTV’s “Bodu Fendaa” program, the president of the coalition party MRM expressed his skepticism upon being questioned about the activity of the Indian military in the Maldives.
Pres. Maumoon voiced his unhappiness about the question, by asking the interviewer a series of his own questions. He questioned whether the Indian military was present and where they were and whether the interviewer knew what they were doing here.
President Maumoon further urged the presenter not to accept just anything someone says as the truth. He asserted that one must always take stock of the evidence backing every statement they speak.
The presenter proceeded to rephrase her question, adding hypothetically, if he believes it to be a problem that Indian Military was currently active in this country. To which the President responded that we should not assume hypotheticals. He said that, if he were shown proof of where and what these hypothetical soldiers were doing, he will not stay idle.
As per Pres. Maumoon, he is firm believer that no military belonging to a foreign country must be active in Maldives.
Although, Minister of Defense, Mariya Didi has previously admitted to the presence of Indian military, saying that the Indian Military personnel present in the Maldives carry no weapons and pose no threat to the freedom and conduct within the Maldivian society.
Request to clarify the number of Indian military personnel in Maldives and how much was being spent on them was submitted to the Defense Ministry by “Dhiyares News”, was declined. Upon submission of the complaint with ICOM, they maintained that the information was not to be shared.
This issue was appealed at the High Court and the case is still ongoing.
Furthermore, the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed claimed that the India-out movement threatens the maintenance of peace within the country. And multiple members of MDP have expressed their objection to the removal of Indian militia while speaking on various platforms.
Photos and videos of Indian Military officials and vessels with Indian military emblems operating across the country have been coming to light and yet, it is unbelievable that a senior member of the ruling coalition claims to know nothing of the sort.
The opposition party, PPM has accused the ruling party, MDP and their coalition partners of taking hefty bribes from the Indian government. They believe this to be the reason why these leaders refuse to acknowledge any wrong-doing on part of the Indian government.