Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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Finance minister Ameer

Ameer’s 70 days abroad costs several hundred thousand to state coffers

Disclosures have revealed that Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer’s trips abroad has cost the state over MVR 900,000 to state coffers.
Dhiyares had filed for disclosure under the Right to Information Act. The details were issued after the deadline for disclosure had passed.
Based on the disclosure, Minister Ameer had made 16 trips abroad from 17 November 2018 to June 2022. He had spent a total of 70 days abroad. On these trips, the state had spent MVR 917,310.06 (US$ 59,760.03). It must be noted that there is no way to ascertain the expenses.
  • Ameer’s trips
  • 2019: eight trips
  • 2021: three trips
  • 2022: five trips

Apart from South America and Australia, Minister Ameer has visited all the continents. Some of these trips were claimed to be trips to find investors – a claim that is yet to be actualized.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his administration are travel friendly. The Government always claims that these trips will secure aid. So far, the administration has consistently failed to achieve grant aid targets.