Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Went to Kenereege only once: Alamgir

Bangladeshi sex worker MD Alamgir has revealed that he had engaged in sex with lawyer Nazim Sattar at his residence and that it was the only time he had visited the residence.
Lawyer Nazim Sattar is the brother of Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed. Kenereege, located in the Galolhu ward of capital Male’, is the familial home of both Nasheed and Nazim.
In a recorded video just prior to Maldives Police Service (MPS) arresting him, Alamgir is seen admitting that he had gone to the residence once.
In the video, Alamgir also admits to having received money from Nazim. Nazim, he said, had, on multiple occasions given him US$ 100, US$ 200, and MVR 1000 (US$ 65.15).
[He] gave money. 200 dollars, 100 dollars, 1000 rufiyaa.
MD Alamgir
Alamgir and Nazim’s video had gone viral on social media, with MPS investigating the case. However, beyond arresting Alamgir, there has been no developments in the case.
Nazim had denied that it was him in the video, arguing on his twitter profile. Shortly afterward, he had deactivated his twitter account.

It was suspected that Nazim was homosexual but as there was no proof, it had not gained much traction. Nazim’s brother, Speaker Nasheed, had previously made homosexual claims on several local religious scholars – no such claim has been proven.

Nazim is not the only person in the family who has had engaged in the lifestyle. Nasheed and Nazim’s cousin Dr Ayesha Verrall is a Parliamentarian in New Zealand. Her Wikipedia entry shows that she has one daughter with her partner, Alice.

Police focus on the case is more on investigating this a blackmail case. Alamgir was arrested on this suspicion as well.

Just prior to his arrest, Alamgir has shared the details of the case with his associated. Dhiyares and TMJ have obtained these details, including those who had frequented Alamgir, gifts given, and some of his personal recollections.

These details will be shared later on.