Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Amnesty International expresses concern about police intimidation of journalist Azaan

Amnesty International has expressed concern about police intimidation and the case filed against TMJ's journalist Ahmed Azaan Marzooq.
Azaan was summoned to Maldives Police Service for questioning on 21st July 2022. He is being accused of illegally accessing the patient database of the national hospital and leaking health records of senior government officials. However, Azaan did not access the said medical records or leak it.
He reported the matter to the relevant authorities after a confidential informant informed Azaan about the loopholes on the hospital's website. It was fixed with information obtained from Azaan. However, later the hospital filed a case against Azaan, in an attempt to cover up the negligence on their part.
In a statement issued today Amnesty stated that the authorities must protect the right to freedom of expression and the safety of journalists.
Azaan is a vocal critic of the government of Maldives and this is the second time he was summoned to Maldives Police Service over his journalistic work.
In December 2019 he was summoned to police over a tweet. However police dropped the case due to public pressure.