Thursday 9th Feb 2023
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Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya still in the Maldives

Sources have confirmed that the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa is still in the Maldives.
He was set to depart to Singapore earlier tonight, but he did not board the flight to Singapore. According to unverified sources, Gotabaya has requested the government of Maldives to arrange a private jet to fly him to Singapore. The government of Maldives did not comment on it at the time of this writing.
Gotabaya arrived in the Maldives late last night via a military aircraft and was received at the airport by President Nasheed the speaker of the Maldivian parliament. Since then Maldivians have been expressing their displeasure and anger towards the government for allowing Gotabaya to land in the Maldives.
Earlier today Sri Lankans in the Maldives staged a protest in the capital Male'. However, police officers used extreme force to disperse the protestors and arrested one Sri Lankan in the process.
Ruling MDP and the Rajapakasa clan have strong ties dating back almost two decades. Senior members of MDP own homes and businesses in Colombo, Sri Lanka. President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih's father in law Sikka Ahmed Ismail Manik also resides in Sri Lanka and owns various businesses in Sri Lanka.