Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Ruling MDP MP's son arrested for intoxication; claims he is a British citizen

Ahmed Thoiban Mohamed, son of West Maafannu Member of Parliament Mohamed Falaah, was arrested for public intoxication, only to be released after intervention from the Parliamentarian.
Ahmed Thoiban Mohamed was arrested last Sunday evening, as confirmed by a senior source at Maldives Police Service (MPS) to Dhiyares.

Police attended to a complaint from a citizen

As routine, MPS and Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) conducts daily operations in Male’ City, mainly to maintain peace and keep local gangs in check. A report was filed on Sunday evening, that an individual was acting aggressively near Nasandura, around the Hulhumale’ Ferry terminal area.

Officers of MPS and MNDF had attended the call. A young man was in the area, clearly intoxicated. An MNDF official at the scene reported to Dhiyares, that the youth was heavily intoxicated – most likely on alcohol and another intoxicant.

When questioned, the youth had begun to challenge the officers, he confirmed. As the young man was intoxicated, MPS had attempted to take him into custody. It was at this moment, the officer said, the youth had threatened him and claimed he was a British national. The young man stressed that he was a British citizen and would call the British Ambassador if he was arrested.

He also warned that his father was an MP from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), adding that he was above arrest. He threatened action against every MPS officer who arrested him.

Thoiban does not have British citizenship, in spite of his claims. However, he studies in a British university. His sister works in the Maldivian High Commission in the country. Thoiban’s uncle Abdul Sattar (Sato) is the chief culprit in the FPID scandal that plagued the country in the 90’s.

Police ignores threats – proceeded ahead with arrest

The officers at the scene had ignored these threats and warnings. Thoiban was arrested and taken to Galolhu Police station. Once at the station, the duty officer at the station was briefed.

A short while later, Hassan Hameed, MPS’ Civil Legal Director arrived at the station. The officers present at the time, report that Hameed was exceedingly submissive towards Thoiban.

“He [Hameed] was very deferential to Thoiban. He was very polite,” an officer reported.

A little while later, Thoiban was released under Hameed’s care.

A first in MPS history

An officer-involved in Thoiban’s arrest said this flew in the face of all procedures of MPS.

“If a person is arrested for intoxication, then he would be held at least for 24 hours. Even that was not observed. Our morale is quite low at this point because of this,” he said.

MPS had refused to issue an official comment at the moment.