Monday 15th Apr 2024
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No cause to arrest Nazim: MPS

Maldives Police Service (MPS) says that presently there is no cause to arrest lawyer Nazim Abdu Sattar.
Sattar, who is the younger brother of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has been mired in a sex scandal involving him and another man.
In Monday’s press conference, TMJ’s sister paper, Dhiyares, questioned MPS on why Sattar and MD Alamgiri, the other individual in the video, are still free, as the act is a criminal offense under Maldivian and Islamic law.
“Nazim Sattar and the Bangladeshi MD Alamgiri, both seen in the video, are yet to be arrested. Nazim Sattar is closely linked to senior figures at Police. He was the officiant at CP Hameed’s wedding. If such a [deeply connected] individual is still not arrested, isn’t there a possibility that the investigation could be compromised?” asked Dhiyares.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz said that if an arrest was mandated as part of the investigative process, then the agency would do so. He assured that a person’s connections would have no bearing on the case.
ACP Riyaz also added that no such instructions had been issued on any of the officers attached to the case. Any arrests, he said, would be based on legal ground, adding that the Police would not fail to take action.