Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Five Indian cops torture Muslim man, insert stick in rectum, give electric shock

Five police officers in Uttar Pradesh, India have tortured a Muslim man by inserting a stick in his rectum and giving him electric shocks.
According to Indian media outlets, the five police officers subjected him to torture after they thought that he was slaughtering a cow.
Speaking to Times of India, the 22-year-old victim's mother said that cops inserted a stick into her son's rectum and gave him electric shocks. The accused have been taken into custody after the medico-legal report of the victim was found to be consistent with the claims made by the victim.
A senior police officer of Uttar Pradesh stated that the allegations against the five policemen are true and a first incident report has been lodged against them for wrongful confinement and torture.
The Muslim man is still admitted at the hospital and has been suffering from repeated seizures according to the Times of India.
Violence against Muslims in India is on the rise since Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office.