Thursday 8th Jun 2023
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Indian STO staffer missing at sea

TMJ has learnt that an Indian national, working as a mess boy in State Trading Organization (STO) oil tanker MV Alimas, is missing.
It is suspected that Kunnampulle Sunil Kumar Adit went missing between 2300hrs on April 14th and 0530hrs on April 15th, as reported by STO to Maldives Police Service (MPS).
STO added that when he was reported missing, the vessel had followed the operational guidelines for such instances. As such, the entire vessel was searched, and when Adit was not on board, they had sent distress signals to other vessels to aid in the search.
Pakistani navy and air force assisted in the search on April 16th. The search had to be abandoned the next day, as the Pakistani team had to keep broadening their search.
MV Alimas, on April 18th, had embarked in Sohar, Oman. Officials from the port had boarded the vessel and conducted an investigation. STO had not received the investigative report.
STO had not reported the case to MPS, as the staffer was reported missing outside of Maldivian waters. Moreover, the vessel is registered in Panama and the vessel had to travel to Oman.
STO confirmed that a staffer was reported missing and had informed all necessary parties. MPS had also confirmed that they had received reports of a missing STO staffer, adding that they were looking into the matter.