Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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Maldivian Man Deported From India After Being Held At Bengaluru Airport For 22 Hours

A Maldivian national en route to New Delhi was deported after being held at Bengaluru Airport for 22 hours.
The Maldivian national held at the airport was Shiyan Shafeeu, an assistant manager at WAMCO.
Shiyan departed from the Maldives yesterday at 12pm, and he was scheduled to transit through Bengaluru and Raipur on his way to New Delhi.
Shiyan told The Maldives Journal that he had not been told the reason for which he was being held. He said that he had been informed that it had been decided that he was to be deported.
Shiyan was held at Bengaluru Airport late yesterday afternoon. He has since been informed that he is being deported, 22 hours later.
He has not been informed of the reason for being deported. He said that Indian officials told him that he was being deported by request of the Maldivian authorities. He was not given more information on the matter.
Shiyan said that as he had traveled on Indigo, an Indian low-cost carrier, he would not be able to refund his ticket. Also, since he could not use his return ticket, he was forced to buy a new ticket to return to the Maldives. He said that he would also not get back the money that he had paid towards his hotel.
He calculated that he had incurred a loss of MVR 25,000 as a result of the incident.