Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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MP Ahmed Siyam

No Problem With Presence Of Indian Or Even American Troops In The Maldives: MP Siyam

MP Ahmed Siyam (MDA - Meedhoo), the leader of the Maldives Development Alliance, has claimed that there was “nothing wrong” in the presence of the Indian military in the Maldives.
At a press conference held yesterday, The Maldives Journal asked Siyam what his thoughts were about the presence of Indian soldiers in the Maldives. He defended their presence and claimed that there was no country on earth that did not host soldiers of a foreign nation.
He said that nations had to co-operate with each other, and noted that armed American soldiers also conducted exercises in the Maldives.
It is worth noting that the Indian soldiers present in the Maldives have not been stationed for an exercise of a short time duration.
“Not just India, there’s no problem even if American soldiers were here”, exclaimed Siyam.
He said that nations could not be kicked out, and said that movements like the “India Out” campaign would not bring any benefit to the people, but would rather harm them. He proposed that the best thing for the Maldives would be to adopt a neutral foreign policy.
Siyam had previously been a close ally of opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. Siyam had excused himself from politics during the final days of the Yameen administration. At the Majlis, he generally speaks in favour of the current government.