Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Fenaka Official Threatens Employees With Termination If They Don't Vote For MDP

A high-ranking official of Fenaka, a public company, has been accused of threatening employees at the powerhouse at Foakaidhoo (Shaviyani Atoll).
An audio-clip has spread on social media in which features a voice believed to belonged to Zahir Usman; the head of Fenaka's Logistics and Operations departments.
The voice believed to be Usman's is heard ordering employees to vote for the Maldivian Democratic Party's candidate for the Komandoo constituency.
The voice says that employees who listen to and obey the instructions of high-ranking officials will have more opportunities to succeed, but employees who disobey them will not achieve anything. At the start of the clip, the voice is heard saying that while he had no intention to dismiss any employee, Fenaka would not help them in anything. Later on in the clip, the voice changes its tune and claims that disobedient employees could no longer be kept on as employees.
He said that the vote wasn't being cast for Rashid, but rather for the "scale", a metaphor for the Maldivian Democratic Party. He said that people who wished not to vote for Rashid were free to do so. However, he had said, not voting for Rashid implied opposition not to Rashid but to the MDP.
An employee is heard speaking on the clip. The employee says that although he would co-operate fully with the MDP, he would not vote for Rashid. Zahir said that if they wished not to vote for Rashid, co-operating with the MDP would mean handing over their national identity card and not casting their vote. He said that people who did not co-operate with the MDP could not stay at Fenaka.