Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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Govt Project To Join Komandoo Islands Jeopardises Elections' Integrity, Abuse Of State Resources: Transparency

Transparency Maldives has called on the government to refrain from exerting undue influence over the upcoming Komandoo bi-elections by initiating new projects in the weeks leading up to them.
A statement released by Transparency Maldives had characterised the government's decision to initiate these projects with such a short time before the elections; scheduled for 5 February; as a move which would jeopardise the integrity of the elections.
The NGO had also stated that the government's announcement of these projects all of a sudden construed a misuse of the State's resources. They also noted that the government had neglected to submit the necessary surveys and information that would need to be submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency prior to initiating the project; they stated that this could pose ill-effects on the local environment.
The project to connect both Komandoo and Mathi-Komandoo had been handed over to the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) at a signing ceremony held today at the Ministry of Planning for a total cost of MVR249 million. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced that the project would begin within a week. He had said this during the kick-off ceremony for the MDP's campaign for the parliamentary seat.
The Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions had recently decided on dismissing the entire membership of the Anti-Corruption Commission; the state entity responsible for investigating government corruption. As a result, all members of the ACC had promptly resigned, leaving the institution ineffective for the time being.
At the kick-off ceremony, President Solih had expressed his determination to continue with the land reclamation project despite the expected claims that the projects were being initiated because of the elections.