Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Govt Working To Block JSalaf's Work: Sheikh Abdullah

The President of the Jamiyyath as-Salaf, Sheikh Abdullah Mohamed Ibrahim, has stated that the government was working to obstruct its efforts to preserve and protect the Islamic faith in the Maldives.
Sheikh Abdullah’s comments on Twitter come in response to remarks made by MP Ibrahim “Bon’dey” Rasheed (MDP-Central Maafannu) who had claimed that “action would be taken against” parties who “raised questions about” the people’s faith.
MP Rasheed, in turn, had responded to the Jamiyath as-Salaf’s raising of concerns about the Solih administration’s initiative of homestay tourism, which they had warned would “destroy” the country’s “Islamic character”.
Sheikh Abdullah said that the Solih administration had been taking all the actions that it could possibly take against the NGO, and the Majlis had even approved a motion to take action against it in 2019.
He stated that the government had pressured and threatened the NGO in different ways.
He called on the government to put an end to its blocking of the NGO’s work.