Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Indian Teacher Attacks Islamic Beliefs In Addu City School

An Indian teacher employed by the Seenu Atolhu Madharusa in Meedhoo, Addu City, has been found pushing militant atheistic and anti-Islamic rhetoric at school.
The teacher had denied God’s existence and had denied that the Quran had been revealed and had claimed that it had been fabricated by humans.
The teacher had reportedly told the students that Muslims believed in God as they had been “brainwashed”, and because they had been taught to do so by their parents.
The school is currently inquiring into the matter, and it has been reported that they would be sending a report to the Ministry of Education after the inquiry.
Indian nationals have repeatedly been caught flouting the beliefs, laws, and customs of the Maldives. Earlier this year, an Indian national had physically attacked an elderly worshipper in a mosque. Also, within that same timeframe, another Indian national had been publicly caught yelling blasphemous statements while intoxicated.