Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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Former Pension Office CEO Lodges Request For Reinstatement At Tribunal

John Grindal, the former CEO of the Pension Office, has lodged a case with the Employment Tribunal demanding that he be reinstated.
Grindal had been dismissed from his post at the Pension Office in October for breaching its code of conduct, although no specifics have been revealed to date. Grindal had been one of many foreigners who had been appointed to manage several public companies and funds by the Solih administration.
Although the Pension Office has not disclosed the specific reason for his dismissal, Grindal had been accused of sexual harassment prior to his dismissal.
Grindal has requested the Employment Tribunal to reinstate him, and has demanded that he be paid the monthly wages of his former post since the date of his dismissal. The CEO of the Pension Office is paid approximately MVR 100,000 a month.
He had also demanded satisfaction for the defamation that he had endured as a result of the allegations of sexual harassment against him.