Tuesday 24th May 2022
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Thila-Male' bridge

Govt To Receive USD15 Million In Free Aid Towards Thila-Male Bridge Project

The government has said that in the coming two days, it would receive USD$ 15 million in free aid from the India that would go towards the Thilamaale Bridge project; the largest project being financed by a loan from the Indian EXIM bank.
As the Indian EXIM bank had granted a USD$ 400 million line of credit towards the project, USD$ 100 million had been promised as free aid to support the project.
The project is the largest development project organised by the government. The government had announced several dates for the start of the project since 2019, and the government has signed several agreements with India with relation to the project.
The project was handed over to the Indian-based Afcons Infrastructure Limited in August.
President Solih had stated that since the full bridge would not be completed by 2023, the bridge would be made open to the public incrementally.