Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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Defense Minister Mariya Didi

Defence Minister Mariya Travels To India On Official Visit

Mariya Ahmad Didi, Minister of Defence, has travelled to India on an official visit.
Minister Mariya would be travelling to Cochin and Kannur during her six-day visit.
According to a tweet posted by the newly-appointed Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives, Minister Mariya will be the first non-Indian Defence Minister to be made the guest of honour at the Indian Naval Academy’s Passing Out Parade.
Minister Mariya will visit Indian Defence training facilities and will meet with Maldivian soldiers being trained in India.
Minister Mariya enjoys a very close relationship with India. Although many had called for a vote of no confidence to be taken against her following the May 6 bomb-attack on Speaker Nasheed, India had requested President Solih to keep Minister Mariya at her post.