Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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Use Of VIP Lounge By MPs Cost State MVR 3 Million In 3 Years

The Citizen’s Majlis has disclosed that former and current parliamentarians have, in the past three years, collectively cost the State USD$238,920 (MVR 3,691,314) for the use of the VIP lounge at Velana International Airport.
The Majlis made the disclosure in response to a request for information made by a private individual who proceeded to make the information publicly available. The disclosed information shows that parliamentarians have collectively cost the State more than MVR 3 million for their use of the VIP lounge.
The highest expenditure made towards the VIP lounge had been incurred during the final year of the 18th Majlis, in 2018.
Like government Ministers, parliamentarians may use Velana International Airport’s VIP lounge at the State’s expense. This privilege extends to their spouses, children, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends.
The highest total cost incurred, in 2018, was USD$121,080. In 2019, the State incurred a total cost of USD$89,100 for the use of the VIP lounge by parliamentarians, and their friends and family. In 2020, the State incurred USD$28,740.