Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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General Ibrahim Didi

PLOTE Leader Would Not Take Such A Risk For Luthfy And Nasir: Gen. Didi

Brig. Gen. (Retd) Ibrahim Didi said that there were many "secrets still hidden" about the November 3 attack, and that Uma Maheshwaran, the leader of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), would not have taken such a risk simply on the word of Luthufy or "Sagar" Nasir.
"I do not believe that Uma Maheswaran would take such a huge risk based on the word of Luthufy or Sagar Nasir", he said.
Didi made this statement during an appearance on a Victory Day special program that was broadcast yesterday on the Dhivehi Channel. He said that he had learned a lot more about the attack since it happened, and based on his new findings he was certain that Ume Maheswaran would not have taken such a risk based solely on the word of Abdullah Luthufy and his co-conspirator, "Sagar" Nasir.
He said that there were "secrets" that were still hidden with regards to the attack launched by Maldivian traitors and Sri Lankan Tamil militants.
He said that it was very likely that there were many deep, dark secrets about November 3 still uncovered, and that the true masterminds had possibly deluded Luthufy and Nasir's with "political fantasies". He said that terrorist organisations abroad also kept such people deluded with such fantasies.
He also mentioned that later generations have not been made to understand the importance of Victory Day. He mentioned that information about such historical events have not been covered properly in schools, and he mentioned that, unlike in other countries, not much work has been done in the Maldives in the way of promoting patriotism.