Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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President Solih’s Delegations Full Of People Unrelated To Objectives Of The Trip: MP Shiyam

MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru) has criticised President Solih’s practice of travelling abroad with people unrelated to the purpose of the trip.
MP Shiyam made these comments when the report of the Parliament Environmental Committee’s inquiry into MP Ibrahim Fazul’s (Fulidhoo) motion regarding issues of erosion faced by his constituency.
MP Shiyam pointed out that the President, who was currently in Dubai, was accompanied by an entourage of many individuals associated with a number of government offices and institutions. He said that the government had not disclosed which of President Solih’s current entourage would accompany him to Scotland.
President Solih is scheduled to travel to Scotland on Friday where he will represent the Maldives at the COP26 summit.
MP Shiyam said that “a large entourage” had accompanied him to New York for the UN General Assembly. He said that the government was silent on how many of that entourage joined the General Assembly sessions.
MP Shiyam said that he was “concerned”that MP Ahmed Saleem (Hoarafushi), the chair of the Parliament Environmental Committee, had not been asked to join President Solih’s entourage to COP26. MP Shiyam said that allowing people “unrelated to the purpose of the trip” to travel with the President would prevent the objectives of the trip from being achieved.