Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Maldivian Fails To Launch New Delhi Route Due To Low Sales

Maldivian, the Maldives’ national airline, has failed to begin flights to New Delhi on 21st October, despite the airline’s plan to begin the route on that date.
Maldivian had announced plans for a direct route from Maafaru (Noonu Atoll) to New Delhi, India’s capital. Tickets went on sale for the route’s first flights, scheduled for October 21. However, no tickets had been sold and the only tickets issued had been the free tickets given to four staff of Maldivian.
An expert in the aviation industry told TMJ that Maldivian would find it difficult to compete with the many budget airlines currently operating between the Maldives and India.
Several Indian airlines such as SpiceJet, AirGo, and IndieGo currently fly between the Maldives and India. As these are budget airlines, Maldivian would struggle to compete with their fares.
Maldivian has not announced a new date for the first flights on the new route.