Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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Sea Plane terminal

MP Saeed Criticises Govt On Delays In Seaplane Terminal Opening

MP Mohamed Saeed (Maavah) has criticized the government for letting the Seaplane Terminal and the Code F runway; built as part of the expansions brought to Velana International Airport by the Yameen administration; fall into extended disuse.
Sharing a news article, published by Dhiyares, which reported a new date proposed by the government for the opening of the facilities, MP Saeed tweeted that "every year's transit season begins with empty talk from the government". He asked what it meant to be prepared for peaks in the industry.
In addition, he pointed out that given that two years and a half have passed since both the terminal and the runway had been completed, the government could have gotten both facilities operational had they taken any responsibility.
The terminal, which had cost USD$55 million, had been in disuse for more than the past two months. The Maldives Airports Company Limited have declined to comment as to why the terminal has still not become operational.
The Code F runway, also developed by the previous administration, lies in disuse due to the delays in the opening of the seaplane terminal. The Code F runway will allow for the largest airplanes to land. Every floor of the seaplane terminal has 7,000 square metres.