Sunday 29th Jan 2023
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Defense Minister Mariya Didi

American Security Consultant Hired to Organize VIP Protection

An American security consultant has been brought in to help make security arrangements for VIPs.
According to the Ministry of Defence, Seamus Mueller, an American security consultant, has been brought into help co-ordinate and organize security arrangements for VIPs.
Mariya Didi, Minister of Defence, and high-ranking officials of the Maldives National Defence Force met with Mueller. The Special Protection Group within the Maldives National Defence Force provides security for all of the heads of the three branches of government, the Vice President, and all ministers except for the Home Minister. All other security measures are handled by the Maldives Police Service.
The Ministry of Defence has not disclosed any further information pertaining to the American security consultant. Yesterday, some parliamentarians had witnessed a foreigner enter the People's Majlis and take photographs with MNDF servicepeople.
The MNDF had said that they would disclose more information at a later date.