Thursday 30th May 2024
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Minimum wage

Qasim's Reported Discontent with Minimum Wage Proposal

Following the minimum wage value proposed by the Minimum Wage Board; business magnate and leader of the Jumhooree Party, Qasim Ibrahim, has expressed his concerns to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
According a high-ranking source in the President's Office who spoke to Dhiyares under the condition of anonymity, Qasim Ibrahim had expressed his displeasure at the high value that had been proposed by the Board. Qasim had reported requested the president to either revise the proposal or to delay the imposition of minimum wages. The source mentioned that it was likely that Qasim's request would be entertained by the government.
The Minimum Wage Board had proposed minimum wage between MVR 5,700 and MVR 10,200 to the Economic Minister. As per the proposal, large enterprises such as Qasim's Villa Pvt Ltd would be required to pay a minimum wage of MVR 10,200.
Employers will be legally obliged to adhere to the minimum wage requirements beginning on January 1. However, a prerequisite for the law to come into effect is the release of a circular by the the Ministry of Economic Development prior to that date.
Qasim Ibrahim, when contacted, declined to comment on the story.