Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Minimum wage

Minimum Wage Set at USD369 a Month

The Minimum Wage Board has finalized their proposed minimum wage for at MVR 5,700 (USD$ 369) a month.
While small enterprises, requiring eight-hour work-days, would require a minimum wage of MVR 5,700; Civil Service personnel would receive a minimum wage of MVR 7,000 (USD$ 453.25).
Medium-sized enterprises would be required to pay a minimum wage of MVR 8,000 (USD$ 517.99) a month, and large businesses would be required pay a minimum wage of MVR 10,200 (USD$ 660.44) a month.
The smallest enterprises would be exempt from the minimum wage requirements.
The minimum wage as applicable to expatriate workers have not yet been finalized by the Board.