Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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I Dont Have to Sit in JSC: President Nasheed

Former President and Parliament Speaker stated that he does not need to sit on the Judicial Service Commission.
MDP Parliament Member had said on MDP Official WhatsApp Group, that Reforming JSC is a pledge made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, and reforming of JSC and changing its preposition as well as change of constitution cannot be postponed. Nasheed had agreed with the member that the reform of JSC is indeed needed.
Nasheed said that tomorrow also can submit a bill to the parliament floor to change the workings of JSC. However, MDP Manifesto does not include significant details of reform and the manifesto only calls for reforming and changing its prepositions of JSC.
Further noting that judicial reform is a fundamental pledge of the MDP manifesto, however, so far MDP had not done anything towards the reform and change of JSC.
Parliamentary Member of Mahibadhoo constituency Mohamed Thoriq (Tom) has submitted two bills to the parliament floor to change the workings of the JSC. In August 2020, Tom had submitted a bill to the Parliament floor to reform JSC however, the MDP Majority of the Parliament had rejected the bill.