Friday 1st Dec 2023
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Ali Zahir

I do not know why i am the only one facing allegations: Ali Zahir

Chief of Staff at the President’s Office Ali Zahir has stated during the news conference which was held yesterday that he does not know why he is the only person that is being accused.
Ali Zahir had said that the accusations against him have politically conspired and that the accusations have been made for the sole purpose of influence the ongoing trial of former president Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s trial and that the accusations are baseless.
The Criminal Court found President Yameen guilty of money laundering and sentenced him to five years in prison, as well as a USD 5 million fine to be paid within six months. While the appeal has been scheduled, an audio recording was leaked. In the audio clip, Judge Mohamed Sameer stated that he was forced to pass the verdict. He highlighted that one can be forced to do so in several ways, including holding a spouse hostage.
Justice Ali Adam claimed that he met Ali Zahir, Chief of Staff at the President’s Office. Ali Zahir allegedly met with him upon Chief Judge Ali Rasheed’s request. He reported that before the verdict was passed, Ali Rasheed was informed he would become a Supreme Court Judge.
Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has started investigating the allegations and provided the relevant authorities with voice clips from the judges involved. However, JSC released a statement saying that the judges involved claimed that the voices in the clip do not belong to them.
During the news conference which was held at the President's Office, many journalists questioned why Ali Zahir is the only one who is facing the allegation. Ali Zahir has stated that he does not know the reason why he alone is being accused and that he assumed that the accusers are too afraid to accuse President Ibrahim Solih causing the allegations to be aimed at him.
During the press conference, Ali Zahir also attacked the media who accused him stating that the media is creating hatred.